Dynamic security and data protection solutions

  • Network security
  • Protection of servers
  • Cloud environments security
  • Security management



Big Data Solution for visibility and data analysis, and open source cybersecurity. Actively collect data from the network and apply policies.

Main modules:

  • Network traffic visibility
  • Prevention / Detection of intrusions
  • Sound management
  • Log management
  • Digital Surveillance



Security solution focused on:

  • Monitor the behavior of the user / employee
  • Compliance with audits
  • Data Protection
  • Increase in productivity

Summary features:

  • Identification of suspicious activities
  • Detection of possible threats
  • Efficiency supervision



World leader in dynamic security and data protection solutions

  • Network security
  • Secure remote access
  • Email security
  • Global Management



Patented platform of new generation of data protection and prevention of loss of data.

Secure maintenance of data in on-premise, off-premises and cloud installations.


5th antivirus worldwide based on installed base.

  • EndPoint Protection
  • Cloud
  • OnPremise
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Management of software "patches"
  • Service of attention to incidents and emulation of the adversary



Next Generation Proxy, patented Iboss technology, protection against APT.

  • Ideal distributed environments and mobile workers.
  • Flexible deployment
    • Cloud Gateway
    • Local Gateway
    • Hybrid

Summary features:

  • Behavioural Sandboxing
  • Network Anomaly Detection (on-premises / hybrid environments)
  • Management of Cloud Apps and Social Media