• Switches for any environment, from the kernel to the end of the network
  • Copper or fiber
  • Ethernet, Gigabit, 10G
  • Managed xStack L3, Easy Smart, without management
  • Extensive Smart range for maximum versatility
  • Wide range of PoE switches for maximum flexibility in deployment of access points, cameras, IP telephones with PoE ports (15.4W per port), PoE + (30W per port) and PoE ++ (up to 90W per port)


  • Indoor and outdoor access points
  • Stand-alone or centralized by hardware or software
  • PoE solutions to make the installation more flexible
  • Dual Band Solutions, WiFi AC and Wave 2


  • IP cameras for all needs
  • ONVIF support and PoE support
  • Remote monitoring via VMS software, or via the mydlink app (more than 4 million users)
    • Wide range of NVR (Network Video Recorders)
    • Up to 9 cameras on the network
    • MJPEG, MPEG-4 or H.264 recording
    • Hard-drives 3.5-inch SATA high-speed
    • Long-lasting recordings, video playback
    • Real-time monitoring, playback via web browser from local or remote cameras, without the need for dedicated PC


  • Neutral routers, with Wi-Fi technology AC and MU-MIMO
  • PLC up to 2 Gigabit with HomePlug AV2 and WiFi AC
  • Range Extenders with LEDs for optimum positioning
  • Plug & Play desktop Aps
  • In 3G / 4G, compatible SIM card routers
  • Portable devices with battery to create Mi-Fi anywhere
  • USB Dongles and PCI Express cards to have Wi-Fi on any computer